Ramdung Peak Climbing

23 Days

Ramdung peak is a mountain peak situated in the Upper Rolwaling region of Nepal that can be climbed. Also called as Ramdung Go, this peak offers a mesmerizing panorama of Himalayan ranges from Langtang to Everest. The most incredible views of Mt. Gaurishanker and Menlungtse viewed from the peak are enchanting!

If you are seeking a peak that you can attempt for your first climb, you can try the Ramdung peak. Climbing Ramdung peak is technical and tough, but is not very hard if you do adequate preparations before going.

We will begin our journey from Kathmandu. We will drive to Charikot and will begin to trek. We will make our way up to the summit through different places. On this memorable journey, we will pass through majestic views of the surroundings. We will also see small and beautiful villages with diverse ethnic groups.

Some of the major attractions during Ramdung peak climbing are the Tashi Laptsa pass (5,755 meters), the hidden valley of Rolwaling, Na Village, Yalung La (Yalung Ri), the Yalung glaciers, and several others.

So, as I’ve already mentioned, not having any previous climbing experiences isn’t a curse. However, the climbers should have a good physical condition and great stamina. Climbing peak, crossing high passes, and walking on the Himalayan trails aren’t as easy as you think.

If you are going with us, you don’t have to worry about things. We have a suitable itinerary and a professional team with who you can totally rely on throughout the journey. If you have any queries on trekking and climbing in Nepal, do not hesitate to contact us.

Highlights of Ramdung Peak Climbing

  • Climbing Ramdung Peak
  • Trekking through lush jungles and beautiful hills.
  • Amazing sceneries from the pinnacle of Ramdung Peak
  • Exploring amazing Sherpa villages at higher altitudes witnessing their lifestyles, traditions, and culture.
  • The beautiful monastery at Bugu Gumba.
  • Camp trekking in the lap of amazing Himalayas.
  • Grand views of Gaurishanker Himal, Dorje Lakpa, Chobabhamre, and the Tibetan Himalayas.
  • Crossing the Tashi Lapcha Pass 5755 meters (18876 ft)
  • The off beaten trails in the Rolwaling region

Best Time for Ramdung Peak Climbing

Ramdung Peak Climbing is a beautiful journey that is popular during Autumn and Spring seasons in Nepal. The two seasons have perfect weather conditions and the best visibility. Beautiful weather is an essential factor that makes suitable for peak climbing and trekking in the high Himalayas.

Difficulties During Ramdung Peak Climbing

  • Ramdung peak climbing journey is a camping journey. We will be staying in tents throughout the journey. This is a really difficult thing. You have to carry the trekking, climbing, as well as the camping gears.
  • Altitude is also among the major difficulties during Ramdung peak climbing. You will be reaching an altitude of 6925 meters at the peak of Ramdung. While trekking, you should be careful of altitude sickness as you exceed 2500 meters.
  • This climbing journey takes us through highly remote trails. The trails are rugged and remote. Walking for hours on such trails can be exhausting to some. Also, you should be careful not to get injuries while trekking and climbing.
  • Ramdung peak climbing is a 23-day journey. If this is your first time on a long vacation, you might want to return back in the middle. This happens to a few trekkers.
  • Ramdung peak is technically challenging if you are a beginner. Thus, it requires proper planning and preparations.

Day 01 :Pick up from the Int’L Airport.

Day 02 :Preparation day.

Day 03 :Drive to Charikot, trek to Rato Mate.

Day 04 :Trek to Shigati Bazaar.

Day 05 :Trek to Jagat.

Day 06 :Trek to Shapka.

Day 07 :Trek to Simi Gaoun.

Day 08 :Trek to Dogang.

Day 09 :Trek to Rolwaling.

Day 10 :Trek to Na. (Yak farm).

Day 11 :Trek to Ramdung Base Camp.

Day 12 :Base Camp to Ramdung High Camp.

Day 13 :Ramdung Summit (6925m) overnight in Base Camp.

Day 14 :Trek back to Na.

Day 15 :Trek to Do Gaoun.

Day 16 :Trek to Simigaoun.

Day 17 :Trek to Buung.

Day 18 :Trek to Chilangkha.

Day 19 :Trek to Bigu Gumba.

Day 20 :Trek to Tingsang-La.

Day 21 :Trek to Karthale.

Day 22 :Trek to Barabise.

Day 23 :Drive to Kathmandu.

Day 01: Pick up from the Int’l Airport.

You will land at the Tribhuvan International airport in Kathmandu. There, our local representative will receive you. S/he will escort you to the hotel. You can rest in the hotel. In the evening, you can go out walking around the streets of Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Preparation day.

Today is a leisure day. You can go shopping and buy your trekking gear and other essentials. If you are free then you can go visit the incredible cultural sites in Kathmandu. Some of the places that you can visit in Kathmandu are Kathmandu Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Patan Durbar Square, and several others.

Prepare for your exciting journey that is starting tomorrow. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 03: Drive to Charikot, trek to Rato Mate.

From Kathmandu, we will drive on a bus to Charikot. The drive is scenic. We will drive over a scenic highway on the eastern part of Kathmandu. It will take us around 5 hours to reach Charikot.

From Charikot, we will start to trek. Walking through the scenic trails, we will reach Rato Mate. This place is called Rato Mate because of the red mud found there. We will stay overnight at Rato Mate.

Day 04: Trek to Shigati Bazaar.

From Rato Mate, we will trek to Shigati. The trail is beautiful. We will be walking through beautiful villages en route. The place is amazing. After a few hours of trekking, we will reach Sigati Bazaar. We will stay in a tented camp in Shigati, 950 meters.

Day 05: Trek to Jagat.

From Shigati Bazaar, we will begin to trek after early morning breakfast. The trail is flat and easy in the beginning. We will walk across the beautiful rice terraces. On the way, we will walk across a beautiful village where you can see the mixed ethnic groups. Most of the part of the trail crosses the beautiful forest of Orchid, different trees, and some Rhododendron trees.

Before you reach Jagat, you will cross a suspension bridge. Jagat, 1440 meters is a small town where you will be staying overnight today.

Day 06: Trek to Shapka.

From Jagat, we will set off on the trekking trails to Shapka. The trail is flat and is easy as we begin. As we walk further, we will walk several ascends and descends. Some parts of the trail are forested. Sometimes, you will be walking across the beautiful terraces.

After a few hours of walking, we will finally reach Shapka. Overnight there.

Day 07: Trek to Simi Gaon.

We will have a filling breakfast and will begin to trek. Walking in a beautiful morning with amazing Himalayan views around feels good. Just before Simi gaon, there is an ascend. Walk slowly enjoying the trek. Finally, we will reach the beautiful Simi gaon. Overnight there.

Day 08: Trek to Dogang.

As we begin to trek, we will see amazing and fresh sceneries around. We will be walking past many Sherpa settlements. Walking through the settlements, we will get an insight into their amazing lifestyles, traditions, and culture.

On a clear day, you will also see the amazing views of Gaurishanker Himal, 7134 meters. The Rolwaling valley looks really amazing with a cap of the snowy Mt. Gaurisanker. We will walk down to the Rolwaling Khola and will walk to Dogang. Overnight there.

Day 09: Trek to Rolwaling.

Today, we will trek to the beautiful Rolwaling valley. The valley is one of the most beautiful valleys in Nepal. We will cross the Rolwaling river. Walking into the deep and beautiful valley of Rolwaling is an incredible experience. As you move closer, you will see more spectacular views of Mt. Gaurishanker.

We will stay overnight at Rolwaling valley in a tent.

Day 10: Trek to Na. (Yak farm).

From Rolwaling, we will trek to Na today. We will explore the Yalung glacier today. At Na, there is a wide-open space where there is a Yak farm. There are beautiful pasture lands where the yaks can graze.

There is a small settlement of Sherpas at Na. You will see the beautiful Sherpa kids with red cheeks and big smiles. We will spend the night at the tented camp in Na, 4180 meters.

Day 11: Trek to Ramdung Base Camp.

Today, we will be trekking from Na village to the base camp of Ramdung peak. This base camp is also called the base camp I. You should be careful while trekking. Make sure you walk slowly and drink plenty of water. This will help you against altitude sickness.

After walking for some hours, we will finally reach the Ramdung base camp, 5000 meters. At the base camp, we will set the tents and will rest there.

Day 12: Base Camp to Ramdung High Camp.

The way from Ramdung base camp to high camp is tough. Altitude is one of the major factors that you should be really careful of. We will enjoy the early morning sunrise views over the snowcapped Himalayas.

We will trek past the Ramdung la pass, a high altitude Himalayan pass at 5665 meters. From the peak, we will see the incredible views of amazing Himalayas dipped under thick snow blankets. It feels so amazing watching the incredible peaks from there.

We will then reach the High camp. Tomorrow, we will be summiting the Ramdung peak. Be ready for that. Overnight at the high camp, 5665 meters.

Day 13: Ramdung Summit (6925m) overnight in Base Camp.

We have to start early today. It is our peak climbing day today. Early we start, it will be much easier. So, wake up before dawn, have your breakfast and begin the journey to the peak of Ramdung.

It will take us nearly 7 or 8 hours to reach the summit of Ramdung. You cannot expect the journey to be easy. You will be walking over the steep rocks on your way to the top. The walk is more than hard, it is highly strenuous.

We will finally reach the top. You will not believe you are there. It isn’t a part of this world, it’s heaven. You will see the exaggerating views Mt. Everest (8,848m), Gaurishankar (7,134m), Melungtse (7,181m), and many other peaks. Along with them, you will see the incredible Himalayan glaciers.

Trust me, the experience is mind-numbing. You will not believe what you see. You can click some pictures at the peak. After the summit, we will prepare for the descent.

We will be trekking back to the base camp of Ramdung peak. At the end of a really long day, you will be satisfied with the journey. We will set the tents at the base camp and will stay overnight there.

Day 14: Trek back to Na.

From the base camp, we will trek back to Na village. You are not walking on this trail for the first time. Yet, you will feel like it’s all-new, so beautiful, and so amazing! After hours of trekking through the rugged Himalayan trails, we will reach Na village.

Walk around the village in the afternoon. You can witness the way of life of the people and can interact with the hospitable locals.

Day 15: Trek to Do Gaon.

From Na, we will begin to trek down. The walk is as exciting as every other day’s. So, we will be walking through the amazingly beautiful Rolwaling valley and will trek to Do gaon. It is a small village with a few houses. We will stay overnight in our tents at the Do Gaon.

Day 16: Trek to Simigaoun.

We will start at around 7 am in the morning. Retracing the trails that we have already walked, we will trek to Simi Gaon. The trail is beautiful with several ascends and descends. Enjoy the amazing views around you while you walk back.

Overnight in Simi Gaon.

Day 17: Trek to Buung.

Today, from Sama Gaon, we will trek to a place called Buung. The trail is amazing. Enjoy every single moment on the trek. The trail is sometimes flat, sometimes there is an ascend whereas sometimes there is a descent. We will walk for many hours before we finally reach Buung. Overnight there.

Day 18: Trek to Chilangkha.

So, from Buung, we will trek to a place called Chilangkha today. We will have a nice morning breakfast at Buung before we leave for Chilangkha. The trail is beautiful with beautiful sceneries around. You will see green hills, lush jungles, splashing streams, rivers,m and waterfalls en route.

We will be walking for several hours over the rugged and remote trails before we reach Chilangkha. We will stay overnight there.

Day 19: Trek to Bigu Gumba.

It’s already a beautiful morning in Chilangkha. We will wake up to see the beautiful morning views. We will have our breakfast and will tie our laces to start trekking. The trails are beautiful with refreshing surrounding views. We will be walking through the dusty trails and through moist forests.

We will be trekking to the Bigu Gumba. There is this incredibly beautiful monastery there. After reaching there, we will visit the monastery. In the evening, you will see the Lamas uttering the Buddhist chants and prayers. Visiting the monastery is spiritual.

We will stay overnight at Bigu Gumpa.

Day 20: Trek to Tingsang-La.

It’s already been 20 days that we are on this incredible climbing journey. The days are as refreshing and rejoiceful. We will explore the beautiful monastery and its courtyard in the morning. After having breakfast, we will begin to trek.

Today, we will be crossing a pass, Tingsang la. The journey is beautiful. From the top of the pass, you will see wonderful panoramas of astonishing mountains, hills, valleys, and rivers. After hours of trekking, we will reach our campsite. We will stay there overnight.

Day 21: Trek to Karthale.

Today, we will be trekking from Tingsang la to Karthale. We are towards the end of our beautiful journey. Trekking through incredible villages and amazing trekking trails, we will reach Karthale. We will stay overnight at Karthale.

Day 22: Trek to Barabise.

So, finally! It’s the last day of trekking today. From Karthale, we will be trekking to Barabise from where we can get a bus to Kathmandu tomorrow. We will be walking through spectacular views of untouched beauty and remoteness. Overnight in Barabise.

Day 23: Drive to Kathmandu.

Today is the last day of Ramdung peak climbing journey. We will drive on a bus to Kathmandu. After so many days of trekking and climbing, we will finally reach Kathmandu. Overnight in Kathmandu.

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Ramdung Peak Climbing
  • 23 Day(s)
  • Moderate
  • 5930m(19456ft).
  • Ramdung, 5930m(19456ft).
  • Base camp: below Yalung La, at 4900m (16077ft). High camp: plateau west of Point 5766m (18918ft), at 5550m (1821oft).