Paldor Peak Climbing

21 Days

Paldor peak is a stunning peak perched between the Tiru and Karpu Danda. This peak lines with the Ganesh Himal on its southeastern end. The journey to the summit of Paldor peak starts from Kathmandu.

Paldor peak is one of the most beautiful peaks in Nepal that offers incredible climbing experience. The Himalayan routes to Paldor peak are unique, untouched, and are soul-warming. What else could be more blissful than trekking in the quiet, peaceful, and angelic paths of Paldor peak?

Experience one of the most exciting climbing journey to the virgin routes in the Ganesh Himal range. The highlights of this climbing aren’t just the “climb”. However, the incredibly diverse nature, biodiversity, topology, traditions, and cultures are equally fascinating.

The ‘destination’ is the peak of Paldor. However the incredible journey to there and back, it is beyond what anyone can explain. The journey begins at Kathmandu. From there, we will drive to Syabrubesi. From Syabrubesi, we will trek to Kyanjin gompa and explore there. After that, we will trek back to Syabru Besi from where we will trek to Gatlang, Somdang, and gradually to the summit of Paldore peak.

Witness the unimaginable views of Mt. Pabil (7,101m), Logsang Karpo (7,150m), Ganesh I (7,406m), and Ganesh V (6,950m) from the top of Mt. Paldor. The incredible villages like Gatlang and Tangjet en route are a gem. The highly hospitable locals, their friendliness, their traditions, and culture are heartwarming.

If I have to define “Paldor Peak Climbing”, I’d say this journey is an enthusiast traveller’s fantasy that can come true. So, if you are one of these enthusiasts, do contact us. We will provide you with adequate information on trekking and climbing in Nepal.

Day 01 :Pick up from the Int’L Airport, transfer to Hotel & well come diner.

Day 02 :Preparation day.

Day 03 :Drive Kathmandu to Dhunche (1950m).

Day 04 :Dhunche to Syabru Gaon (1860m) (5 hours).

Day 05 :Syabru Gaon to Lama Hotel (2380m) (6:30 hours).

Day 06 :Lama Hotel to Lang tang village (3500m) (7 hours).

Day 07 :Langtang village to Kanjing Gompa (3800m) (3:30 hours).

Day 08 :Kanjing Gompa rest (Excursions around Kyangjin Gomba).

Day 09 :Kanjing Gompa to Lama Hotel (7 hours).

Day 10 :Lama Hotel to SyabruBensi (1550m) (6:30 hours).

Day 11 :Saybru besi to Gatlang (2700m) about 6 to 7 hrs.

Day 12 :Gatlang to Somdang (3270m) about 6 hrs.

Day 13 :Somdang to Paldore Base Camp (4280m) 6 hrs

Day 14 :Paldor Base camp to High Camp (4700m) 5 to 6 hrs.

Day 15 :Paldor Summit and High Camp (5923m) Full day.

Day 16 :Paldor High Camp to Base Camp (4280m) 5 hrs.

Day 17 :Base Camp to Pangsnag kharaka (3450m) 6 hrs.

Day 18 :Pansnag Kharaka to Ruckhe Kharka (4040m) 7 hrs.

Day 19 :Rupchet Kharaka to Bhalche (1750m) 6: 30 hrs.

Day 20 :Bhalche to Chadanda (1060m) 6 hrs.

Day 21 :Chadanda to Betrawati one hrs walk and drive to Kathmandu 4 hrs

Day 01: Pick up from the Int’L Airport, transfer to Hotel & well come diner.

You will land at Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu. There, our hotel representative will receive you, will welcome you, and will escort you to your hotel. Your hotel in Kathmandu will be a three-star hotel.

You will reach your hotel and can take rest there for several hours. In the evening, you can walk around the busy and colourful streets near your hotel. Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 02: Preparation day.

Today is the preparation day. You should arrange all your climbing and trekking gear. If there are few things on your list yet to be purchased, buy them today. Remember, insufficient gears will make it difficult while climbing.

If you have enough time, you can visit some amazing cultural heritage sites in Kathmandu like Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, and several others.

Overnight in Kathmandu.

Day 03: Drive Kathmandu to Dhunche

Highest Altitude: 1950 meters

Driving Duration: 9 hours

So, today, we will begin the journey. From Kathmandu, we will drive to Dhunche, the headquarter of Rasuwa district. Driving towards the north of Kathmandu valley via the roadways is exciting. The drive is scenic with amazing hills, forests, and rivers around.

We will drive on a jeep across the riverbed of Trishuli river. On the way, you will see incredible views of Ganesh Himal. Driving for eight to nine hours, we will finally reach Dhunche. Overnight there.

Day 04: Dhunche to Syabru Gaon

Highest Altitude: 1860 meters

Trek Duration: 5 hours

Finally, on the fourth day, we will begin trekking over the remote trails to Paldor peak. The trekking trail is beautiful. The trekking trails in Langtang are amazing. We will be walking through the lush jungles and green hills. Also, we will be passing through some amazing Tamang settlements observing their beautiful and unique lifestyles.

After hours of enjoyable trek, we will finally reach Syabru Gaon. There, we will find some guesthouses. We will stay overnight at any of those.

Day 05: Syabru Gaon to Lama Hotel

Highest Altitude: 2380 meters

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

After warm morning breakfast at the lodge in Syabru Gaon, we will begin to trek. We will be trekking through highly scenic and peaceful trails. Walking through amazing trails viewing the amazing terrains, hills, forests, flowers, animals, streams, rivers, etc is truly out of the world experience.

Today, the trail is longer than that of yesterday. You will be walking for nearly 7 hours before you finally reach Lama Hotel. We will have a beautiful overnight staying at the Lama Hotel.

Day 06: Lama Hotel to Langtang village

Highest Altitude: 3500 meters

Trek Duration: 7 hours

We will be visiting the most beautiful Langtang village today. From Lama hotel, we will make our way towards the village. The trail is undoubtedly a highly scenic one. The trail is sometimes flat and easy. Whereas, some parts of the trail are uneven with several ascends and descends.

We will be walking through greeneries and rocky cliffs for around seven hours. Finally, you’ll reach the alluring Langtang village. AT the village, you will see beautiful traditionally built houses of Tamangs. The village is world-famous for its Tamang Heritage.

Overnight in Langtang village.

Day 07: Langtang village to Kanjing Gompa

Highest Altitude: 3800 meters

Trek Duration: 3 to 4 hours

From Langtang village, we will trek up to the famous Kyanjin Gompa. This gompa is the most popular one in the Langtang region. Today, we will take a short hike of three to four hours to the Gompa. The trek route is splendid and refreshing.

Visiting the gompa is a unique experience. At the gompa, we will see the lamas, statues of Lord Buddha, and several other things. After the evening visit to the gompa, we will stay overnight at a hotel

Day 08: Kanjing Gompa rest (Excursions around Kyangjin Gomba).

Today, we will have a rest day in Kyanjin Gompa. On this day, we will be walking around the gompa and will be visiting the settlements near. On this day, we will be adapting with the high altitude, changing altitude, weather, and temperature.

You can also take a shower, do laundry, and play some indoor sports in your hotel. In the evening time, you can visit the gompa. It is such a beautiful one full of spirituality. We will have dinner at the hotel and will stay overnight there.

Day 09: Kanjing Gompa to Lama Hotel

Highest Altitude: 3800 meters

Sleeping at: 2380 meters

Trek Duration: 7 hours

After exploring Kyanjin gompa and spending two nights there, we will return back to the Lama Hotel. After reaching 3800 meters, we will descend down and will sleep at 2380 meters. You know what? your body is easily adapting with Langtang region and its altitudes.

We will have dinner at the Lama hotel and will stay there overnight today.

Day 10: Lama Hotel to Syabru Bensi (1550m) (6:30 hours).

Highest Altitude: 1550 meters

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

You know where is our today’s destination? It’s right there, where we started all this from, at Syabru Bensi. Trekking to 3800 meters and descending down to 1550 meters, you might be wondering what is this? Be assured, this is beneficial. You will have a body that is gradually adapting to everything.

So, basically, we will be trekking for six or seven hours and will get back to Syabru Bensi. At Syabru Bensi, we will stay overnight.

Day 11: Saybru Besi to Gatlang

Highest Altitude: 2700 meters

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

You trek through amazing trails that are rich in nature. Then you trek through the beautiful settlements rich in Tamang heritage. This is what you exactly do during the Langtang valley treks and the Tamang Heritage treks.

On the seven hours trek today, you will be walking through mesmerizing surroundings and amazing traditional and cultural experiences. There are several places on the trek that are the perfect viewpoints of eye-catching amazements of nature.

The villages: Goljung and Gatlang are the popular Tamang settlements. At these villages, you will see the unspoiled Tamang culture and traditions. Today, you can also visit a Tamang monastery and the Parvati Kunda, a beautiful lake in Gatlang.

Day 12: Gatlang to Somdang

Highest Altitude: 3270 meters

Trek Duration: 6 hours

From Gatlang, we will climb an uphill trail. Walking through the forests of fir, juniper, rhododendron, and other plants, we will reach Yuri Kharka. Yuri Kharka is a summer pasture. In monsoon, the locals bring their cattle to graze there.

We will walk past the Khurpu Danda and will walk down on a descending trail to Somdang. You can see impressive views of several Himals like Paldor, Langtang, Ganesh Himal, Pangsang La, and others. Look at the peak that you are about to climb in a few days from the Khupra Danda ridge viewpoint.

Finally, we will reach Somdang. At Somdang, there are zinc mines. We can go observe the mines. Overnight in Somdang.

Day 13: Somdang to Paldore Base Camp

Highest Altitude: 4280 meters

Trek Duration: 6 hours

It’s already been 13 days that you’ve started, and finally today, we will reach the Paldore base camp. We will gradually walk up the amazing trails passing through lush jungles. We will reach a beautiful pasture called Paigutang Kharka.

The trail becomes tougher from there. It is steep and rocky up to Jasta Khani. There is a zinc mile at Jasta Khani. Walking further, we will see the Paldor peak and the rocky mountains around.

From Jasta Khani, the trail again ascends through a rocky glacial trail. Finally, you will reach the base camp of Paldor peak. Overnight in a tent at the base camp.

Day 14: Paldor Base Camp to High Camp

Highest Altitude: 4700 meters

Trek Duration: 5 to 6 hours

Up you go, tougher it becomes. Be careful! You will be trekking along the steep rocky moraines. You will also be climbing through the boulders to the Fang lake. From there, you will see mesmerizing views of Paldor East and Paldor West.

At the high camp, 4700 meters, we will set our tents. From the camp, we will enjoy the brilliant views of the enthralling peaks, snowy glaciers, and astonishing lakes. Overnight at the high camp inside a tent.

Day 15: Paldor Summit and High Camp

Highest Altitude: 5923 meters

Duration: full day summiting and descending

We will start early. You sure you can use all the climbing gear properly? We will walk following the Paldor Glacier. Be careful! It’s a challenging task climbing through the loose and steep rocks. You should listen to your guide.

After reaching the summit of Paldor, you will see amazing views of the stunning Himalayas like Machhapuchhre Himal and Shisapangma. You will also see the brown hills on the Tibetan side.

After some time on the peak, we will descend down to the high camp. Overnight at the campsite in the high camp.

Day 16: Paldor High Camp to Base Camp

Highest Altitude: 4280 meters

Trek Duration: 5 hours

From the high camp, we will trek down to the base camp. It will take nearly five hours. We will have fun on our way back. Be careful while walking down. Enjoy the incredible moments. We will set our tents at the base camp and will stay overnight there.

Day 17: Base Camp to Pangsnag Kharka

Highest Altitude: 3450 meters

Trek Duration: 6 hours

So now that we’ve summited the peak, we will be trekking back to Kathmandu. But for today, we will be trekking to Pangsang Kharka. At Pangsnag Kharka, there are beautiful meadows. You will see the yaks and Himalayan goats grazing there. We will stay overnight there at Pangsnag Kharka.

Day 18: Pansnag Kharaka to Ruckhe Kharka

Highest Altitude: 4040 meters

Trek Duration: 7 hours

On this day, you’ll be walking for nearly seven hours to reach Ruchke Kharka. The trail is beautiful. Enjoy the sceneries around and trek. We will stay overnight at Ruckhe Kharka today.

Day 19: Rupchet Kharaka to Bhalche

Highest Altitude: 1750 meters

Trek Duration: 6 to 7 hours

On this day, we will be starting at around 7 am after nice morning breakfast. We will trek over the exciting trails. We will walk through lush jungles, across incredible rivers, and streams. Our destination today is Bhalche. After walking for six to seven hours from Rupchet Kharka, we will reach there and will stay overnight there.

Day 20: Bhalche to Chadanda

Highest Altitude: 1060 meters

Trek Duration: 6 hours

From Bhalche, we will set off on the trekking trail towards Chadanda. The trail climbs uphill, falls down gradually, becomes flat, and so on. Explore your surrounding as you trek. Trust me, every day on the trek are amazing.

We will stay overnight at Chadanda today.

Day 21: Chadanda to Betrawati (one hrs walk) and drive to Kathmandu

Driving Duration: 4 hrs

Betrawati is only an hour walk from Chadanda. So, we will walk from Chadanda to Betrawati after having our breakfast. At Betrawati, we will find a bus or a jeep back to Kathmandu. The drive is shorter than Kathmandu-Dhunche drive. Enjoy the ride. After nearly four hours, you will reach Kathmandu.

Cost include@1950 USD P/P

  • Two night Deluxe hotel in Kathmandu on B/B
  • Climbing peak permit
  • One climbing guide (Sherpa) among two members
  • National Park entrance permit
  • All Airport transfers
  • All Meals during the trek and camping.
  • Accommodation in lodge during the trek, basic camping arrangement during climbing.
  • Porters to carry member baggage 15 to 18 kg per person.
  • Accident insurance for staffs.

Cost Exclude

  • Personal clothing and Climbing Equipment
  • Personal accident insurance, emergency evacuation cost, oxygen, medical box.
  • Alcoholic beverage, laundry and tips.
  • Hotel accommodation and sightseeing tour in Kathmandu (available as per your choice)

  1. -Comfortable Camping
  2. -Right Clothing, Gear and Equipments
  3. -Season of  Climb Mera Peak, Right season
  4. -Specific Physical Conditioning is Needed
  5. -Pick the Right and suitable Itinerary
  6. -Have Previous Altitude Experience
  7. -Manage Your Personal Hygiene and Health
  8. -Think About Additional Winter Skills Training
  9. -Break in Your Trekking and Mountaineering Boots
  10. -Have a Qualified Climbing Guide (Climbing  license Holder from Nepal mountaineering association)
  11. -Choose an experienced local company.
  12. -Get permit, your trekking company mange your climbing permit.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

Paldor Peak Climbing
From $1,950
/ Adult
  • 21 Day(s)
  • Hard
  • 5928m (19450ft)
  • paldor, 5928m (19450ft)
  • Base camp: upper Mailung Khola, 4200m(13780ft). High camp: due east of Fang,5200m (17061 Fang, 5200m (17062ft).
  • 02-12
  • Bus/ Jeep
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Diner
  • Trek / Climb
  • Lodge / Camping

Trek’s Routes Map

Paldor Peak Climbing