Himlung Himal Expedition

27 Days

Himlung Himal Expedition resides in Manaslu Region, one of the most beautiful regions for trekkers in Nepal. The region sees hardly a thousand travelers each year. As a result, the region is untouched by modernization. So for everyone seeking a truly remote, wilderness state, there’s not a place better than this region. In one of the quaint corners of this region is the Himlung Himal, whose expedition is a delightful prospect.

Himlung mountain is northeast of the Annapurna Range. It lies quite close to Tibet. With an altitude of 7,126m, it is a mouth-watering mountain to climb for all expeditionists. It is a mountain that has high success rate for ascent taking its technicalities into consideration. A Japanese team was the first to complete this expedition in 1992. Since then, there have been a few more splendid attempts and success stories.

Your journey to Himlung takes you around the Annapurna route. This route will then take you to some picturesque villages like Koto and Na-phu Gaun. The trail that you take from Naphu Gaun to Manang was open to tourists quite recently. As a result, you will see mesmerizing tall peaks and passes along the way. Other wonderful gifts of natural beauty along the way include glaciers, springs, forests, and hospitable people.

Ascending any peak that is over 7000 meters requires a high fitness level. So Himlung Himal climbing is not for the faintly trained people. You need to make sure that you have a fitness level that is above average inorder to climb the Himlung Himal in Nepal.

One of the most challenging days of the expedition is the ascent from the Himlung Base Camp (4842 meters) to the Himlung Himal (7126 meters). So you will gain an altitude of more than 2300 meters doing so. The ascent to Himlung Himal and its descent to the Himlung Base Camp will take 11 days in total.

The cost of completing the Himlung Himal expedition is a bargain compared to the expedition of other popular 8000 meter peaks. You can contact us for further details. Exciting Nepal offers you a chance to push your limits and dare to complete the unforgettable experience of Himlung Himal expedition.

Himlung Himal Expedition Highlights

  • Mesmerizing trails that are off-the-beaten-track
  • Rare beauty of Manaslu region with awesome mountain peaks
  • Complete an expedition to a 7000 meter peak
  • Visit picturesque villages along the way like Koto, Naphu Gaon etc.
  • Get a glimpse of the wonderful Tibetan Buddhism of the region

Himlung himal expedition

How Difficult is Himlung Himal Expedition?

Climbing any mountain that is over 6000 meters tall will demand high fitness level. However, climbing this mountain is not as difficult as climbing the 8000 meter tall peaks like Everest or Annapurna. Nonetheless, if you prepare as if you were doing the 8000 meter expedition will help you a lot better.

As this is an expedition and not a trek, you will have to train through the basics of mountaineering. You also have to take into consideration the extra gear you will have to carry such as stove and ropes during your expedition. This means that you need to get extremely fit in order to complete the expedition.

However, you will have the advantage of the wealth of experience of the Sherpas along the way. They will guide you to the best of their experience throughout the ascent. All in all, you will need an above average fitness to complete this expedition

Best Time for Himlung Himal Expedition

The expedition season in Nepal begins in March/ April. This is the best time to complete the Himlung Himal expedition. This is due to the fact that the weather is relatively cold. This means that the snow doesn’t melt making it good for expeditionists to get their footing proper in the snow.

Another popular season for this expedition is the autumn season i,e, around October and November. These two months have similar weather pattern to March and April. This means that these two seasons are the best in terms of the chances to complete the expedition.

We highly encourage expeditionists not to take chances with the expedition in summer which is often wet. This means that the trails are treacherous and can be risky to climb. Winters, which have extremely cold weather, is also not a good time for the expedition. Heavy snowfall and extreme cold make the winter season not good for expedition

Himlung Himal Expedition

Food & Accommodation During the Expedition

In the lower parts of the expedition i.e. up until the Himlung Base Camp, the food and accommodation is as normal as it can get. The food on offer will be the same you get in other trekking trails in Nepal. This includes the traditional Nepali Dal Bhat. You can also find Chinese and continental dishes like Pizza occasionally.

However, above the Himlung Base Camp, you won’t have such facilities. You will have to cook food in a portable stove that you will carry. You will also have to set up tents after you leave Himlung Base Camp behind and head out to the high altitude regions.

Detailed Himlung Himal Expedition Itinerary

himlung himal expedition

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu [1345m/4411ft] & transfer to Hotel.

On the day of your arrival, a representative from Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition will greet you at Tribhuvan International Airport. As per the schedule, you will be driven to the hotel in the heart of Kathmandu City 1345m. Upon arrival at the hotel, our representative will aid you in the check-in procedure. Later that evening, in the dinner program; you shall gather information regarding the Himlung expedition. It will help you understand the details regarding the expedition organized by Nepal Guide Treks and Expedition.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu & Climbing Preparations.

On the second day of your arrival, you will spend the entire day sightseeing in Kathmandu. The tour guide will escort you from your hotel to some of the world heritage sites. Besides, the stunning tour around Kathmandu city. You will complete the essential paperwork before the Himlung expedition.

Day 03: Drive from Kathmandu to Chamje [1410m/4626ft]

7-8 hours drive

Today, you will commence your journey as you prepare yourself for a long drive towards Chamje. After breakfast, the tour guide will escort you to a private vehicle waiting outside the hotel. As the journey proceeds, you will enjoy an exciting ride along the bank of Trishuli river. The views are absolutely stunning throughout the journey. The scenic view will enhance your tour experience to the absolute. As you arrive at Dumre, the path ahead passes through hill towards Besisahar. After the 7-8 hours drive from Kathmandu, you will finally arrive at Chamje. You will stay overnight at a guest house for the night at Chamje 1410m.

Day 04: Trek from Chamje to Dharapani [1960m/6430ft]

5-6 hours trek

After enjoying a splendid breakfast, we leave the guest house at Chamje. The trail ahead will lead you towards a suspension bridge. After the crossing, the trail gets steeper towards Sattae as the valley becomes narrower. Shortly after, you will arrive at Tal village; which is known widely as the entrance to Manang district. From Tal, the trail ahead descends towards a stunning suspension bridge over the Marsyangdi River. The trail gets moderately ahead as you make your way to Dharapani. After the 5-6 hours trek from Chamje, you will arrive at the guest house in Dharapani. You will stay for the night at Dharapani 1960m.

Day 05: Trek from Dharapani to Koto [2600m/8528ft]

5-6 hours trek

Early in the morning, after breakfast; you shall follow the trail towards the Bagarchhap village. Upon the arrival at the village, the trail gets steeper as it makes its way through dense pine forest. Shortly after, you will arrive at Timang; it is a vantage point for stunning views of Lamjung Himal 5587m. The expedition ahead takes you towards a flat trail that descends before a steep climb again. The hike is certainly strenuous as you make your way up to reach Thanchok. From here, you descend toward a village at Koto 2600m. After the 5-6 hours trek, the day ends at a tea house for an overnight stay.

Day 06: Trek from Koto to Singenge [3230m/10594ft]

6-7 hours

The journey today leads you to a 6-7 hours trek towards Singene. Before you start the trek, you must register yourself at the permit check-post at Koto. After the registration, you will head towards a suspension over the magnificent Seuti Khola tributary. Our trail ahead will get steeper as we continue the thrilling experience through gorges and canyons. Shortly after, you will cross a wooden bridge before making a steep climb before your arrival at Singenge 3230m. You will stay for the night at a camp.

Day 07: Trek from Singenge to Kyang [4100m/13448ft]

6-7 hours

Today, early in the morning; you shall head towards a seasonal settlement of Meta. The trek ahead will offer you astounding views of Lamjung Himal 5587m and Annapurna II 7937m. The trail traverses around a steep hill towards a clearing of Junam Goth. The hike shall then lead you to steep ascend before descending towards Mruju Khola. You will then cross the Murju Khola, which is an outflow of Lyapche Glacier. After the 6-7 hours, you will make a steep walk across a section of eroded moraine towards Kyang. Upon your arrival, you will set up camp and stay for the night at Kyang 4100m.

Himlung himal expedition

Day 08: Trek from Kyang to Phu [4580m/15022ft]

5-6 hrs Trek

The journey starts with a splendid breakfast at Kyang. We leave kyang early in the morning and head towards a narrow gorge. Shortly, the trail descends towards a river. Upon arriving at the river bed, you will cross the river via a wooden bridge. The trail ahead heads north towards a steep climb. As you gently make your way up, you will witness several large chortens and deserted buildings. The 5-6 hours trek comes to an end after the crossing of a suspension bridge to Phu 4580m. Tonight, you will enjoy dinner and rest for the night at a tea house.

Day 09: Exploration day at Phu Valley; Visit Samdu, Choling, and Tashi Monastery

Today, you shall spend an additional day at Phu Valley. The exploration around the village will aid you in the acclimatization process. You spend your day strolling through the 800-year-old stone village. The tour also features a visit to the magnificent Samdu Monastery and Choling Monastery. Later that evening, you will walk the streets of the village. The experience makes you feel as if you stepped back in time. You will stay for the night at a tea house in Phu village.

Day 10: Trek from Phu to Himlung Himal Base Camp [4842m/15881ft]

3-4 hours

Today is the shortest day of trekking in the entire expedition. The trek lasts for around 2-4 hours. The day starts with a pleasant breakfast at the tea house. Shortly after, you will leave Phu village with stunning views of the mountains. The trail will ascend all the way up to 4,842 meters at our campsite. Upon arrival at the campsite, our crew will set up camp for the night. Further preparation shall be made for setting camps at higher altitudes.

Himlung Himal Expedition

Day 11: Himlung Himal Base Camp Rest

Today, you will take a rest at the Base Camp and admire the view of the lofty mountains around you. Further, the Base Camp is close to 5000 meters which is why you need to take a rest here for climatization.

Day 12: Base Camp to Camp one (5450m)

The expedition ahead shall feature several days worth of training and practices. In addition, you will spend most of the days for adequate acclimatization to the altitude. The Sherpa crew will work day and night to set up additional crew above the base camp 4,920m. This will allow the provision of hygienic meals and efficient routes towards the summit of Himlung Himal. The expedition ahead is surely demanding, therefore you will follow the assistance of your tour guide. Upon any inquiry or emergency; you will seek advice from the group leader. The trails are significantly snowy towards camp 1. So, you will maintain a slow and steady pace until your arrival at camp 1 5450m. After your arrival in the camp, you will spectate the stunning views of the stunning mountain views of the Annapurna, Manaslu and Gangapurna.

Day 13: Camp one to Camp two (6000m) and return to Base Camp

The morning begins with a chill winter breeze of the high himalayas. The breakfast will taste magnificent with the stunning views of the mountains. After you check your supplies, you will begin your journey towards Camp 2. It is a steady but strenuous climb but a steady composure will help you pass through it. Nonetheless, you’ll have an epic adventure on the adventurous route of the Himlung Himal. Upon your arrival at Camp 2, you will enjoy a magnificent view of the sunset. It is a truly mesmerizing once in a lifetime experience.

Day 14: Rest day in Base Camp

Today is a rest day on your exciting expedition to the summit of Himlung Himal. You will spend an entire day laid back on the camp. The resting procedure will significantly aid in the process of acclimatization. Besides, you can also walk around the campsite and click a few pictures for a memorable experience. In addition, the guide will equip you with the necessary gear for the trip. Further in the expedition, you will follow the guidance of experienced Sherpa guides. The guide’s expertise will allow you to execute several climbing techniques to reach the summit 7126m.

Day 15: Base Camp To Camp one (5450m)

On this day, you will take the same route back to the first camp.

Day 16: Camp one to Camp two (6000m)

The 16th day of the trip marks an ascent to the second camp.

Day 17: Camp two to Camp three (6250m)

After an adequate rest and acclimatization, your body will be revitalized for the journey ahead. It is a rather short 250 m ascend to camp 3. However, you will proceed with caution to avoid any risk of injury. Due to the short trek distance, you’ll arrive at the campsite at noon. After an enjoyable lunch, you will prepare for the expedition tomorrow. At the summit, the stunning landscape will reward you with stunning views of the Annapurna 8091m and Manaslu range 8156m. Due to the risk of altitude sickness, you will spend short but quality at the summit. Shortly after, you will make you descend to camp 3.

Day 18: Camp three to Summit (7126m) and back to Camp three

Today is a big day, it is an important part of the entire Himlung himal expedition. So, the trek leader makes sure if all of the member’s trek equipments are in working order. You will start you journey in the morning. The trek leader pays an extra attention as the trail ahead is certainly strenuous. He will be equipped with a satellite phone for evacuation if any situation may arise. However, with the aid of reliable equipment and expertise of the guide the climb to the summit will be a success. After you reach the summit, you will enjoy a vista of the surrounding landscape. The pristine beauty of the himalayan mountains

Day 19: Camp three to Base Camp

After an astonishing experience in the summit, you will make your way back to the Base camp. As the trail ahead descends through the stunning landscape. It will be easier for you to walk yourself to the camp in a short time. However, you need to take care of your knees and ankles. Due to the uneven texture of the trails, you might sprain or hurt them. After the 7-8 hours worth of hike you will finally arrive at the Base camp. You will spend the night at the camp reminiscing your memories on your journey from the summit.

Day 20: Trek back to Phu village [4580m/15022ft]

5-6 hours

After your astonishing achievement at the summit, you will make a relaxed start from the base camp. After clean up, you will enjoy breakfast and prepare for the journey ahead. You will retrace your steps back to Phu village. The 5-6 hours descend is moderate, but you must take care of your ankles and knees along the way. Upon your arrival at the Phu village 4580m, you will enjoy the exploration of the streets in the village. You will stay for the night at a guest house in the magical village.

Day 21: Trek from Phu to Meta [3560m/11676ft]

5-6 hours

Today, we shall leave Phu village behind and follow the trail back to the suspension bridge. The trek ahead leads to a series of chorten which then descends towards Kyang. The trail passes an eroded moraine before the crossing over Mruju Khola. We retrace our 5-6 hours trek with stunning views of the Lamjung Hima 5587m. Our day ends at after arriving at the settlement of Meta. You will spend the night at a guest house in Meta 3560m.

Day 22: Trek from Meta to Koto [2600m/8528ft]

6-7 hours

Our journey proceeds on the same trail as you descents to the bottom of the valley. The trail ahead passes through stone huts of Singenge towards a dense forest. The walk ahead leads you to a slight descend to a suspension over Seti Khola. You will cross the stunning suspension bridger before a short ascend to Koto village. The trek lasts for around 6-7 hours. Upon your arrival at Koto 2600m, you will spend the night at a guest house.

Day 23: Trek from Koto to Dharapani 1960m

5-6 hours

Early this morning, we shall enjoy a splendid breakfast at the guest house. Afterward, we will pack our belongings and leave koto behind. The trail is steep ahead as we approach the village of Thanchok. From here on, you will make a short descend before the arrival at Timang. As there is plenty of tea house at Timang. You can catch a break at the tea houses and capture magnificent views of Lamjung Himal. After the quick, you will make your way through the pine forest towards Bagarchha village. The 5-6 hours trek comes to an end at Dharapani 1960m. We stay here for the night at a guest house.

Day 24: Trek from Dharapani to Chamje 1410m

4-5 hours

After a quick breakfast, you will leave the tea house at Dharapani. Further on the trek, you will hike alongside the areas affected by landslides. The hike then starts to make a steep descent towards a suspension bridge over the Marsyangdi River. Further, the trail gradually ascends towards Tal village. Eventually, as you pass through a narrow valley. You will arrive at the village settlement in Satalle. Today, it’s a moderate 4-5 hours of hike to chamje 1410m. Upon your arrival at the village, you will celebrate the expedition with your team members. You will stay for the night at a guest house.

Day 25: Drive back to Kathmandu from Chamje

7-8 hours

Early in the morning, you will pack your belongings in the guest house you are staying in. After a delicate breakfast, you will bid farewell to chamje and drive back to Kathmandu. On your way back, you will enjoy a lot of scenic landscapes and terraced farmlands. The ride offers splendid views of Manaslu, Annapurna, and Ganesh Himal mountain ranges. As you make your way back, you can even enjoy the daily lifestyle of the people in the countryside. After the 7-8 hours worth of driving, you arrive at Kathmandu 1345m. Shortly after, our guide will escort you to your respective Hotel.

Day 26: Leisure day in Kathmandu

Upon your arrival at Kathmandu, you surely would like to spend your time around the world heritage sites. Our guide will escort you to the several sites which you could not visit at the beginning of the expedition. Later the following evening, you will enjoy the serene atmosphere of Thamel’s nightlife. You can even buy items in the shops at Thamel as a souvenir for your relatives back home. Further, you will celebrate the success of the expedition with a splendid dinner back in the Hotel.

Day 27: International Departure as per flight schedule

Today, you will bid farewell to the expedition team at the Hotel. Our representative will guide you through the check-out procedure at the front desk. After he/she ensures the escort of your luggage to the private vehicle. The representative will drop you at the Tribhuvan International Airport according to the flight schedule. He/she will bid you farewell and wish you a safe flight ahead.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any confusion about the packages.

Day 01: Arrive at Kathmandu [1345m/4411ft] & transfer to Hotel.

Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu & Climbing Preparations.

Day 04: Trek from Chamje to Dharapani [1960m/6430ft]

Day 05: Trek from Dharapani to Koto [2600m/8528ft]

Day 06: Trek from Koto to Singenge [3230m/10594ft]

Day 09: Exploration day at Phu Valley; Visit Samdu, Choling, and Tashi Monastery

Day 10: Trek from Phu to Himlung Himal Base Camp [4842m/15881ft]

Day 11-18: Climbing Himlung Himal [7126m/23345ft] and descend back to base camp.

Day 11: Base Camp to Camp one (5450m)

Day 12: Camp one to Camp two (6000m) and return to Base Camp

Day 13: Rest day in Base Camp

Day 14: Base Camp To Camp one (5450m)

Day 15: Camp one to Camp two (6000m)

Day 16: Camp two to Camp three (6250m)

Day 17: Camp three to Summit (7126m) and back to Camp three

Day 18: Camp three to Base Camp

Day 19: Trek back to Phu village [4580m/15022ft]

Day 20: Trek from Phu to Meta [3560m/11676ft]

Day 21: Trek from Meta to Koto [2600m/8528ft]

Day 22: Trek from Koto to Dharapani 1960m

Day 24: Drive back to Kathmandu from Chamje

Day 25: Leisure day in Kathmandu

Day 26: International Departure as per flight schedule

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Himlung Himal Expedition
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Himlung Himal Expedition