How High Is Mera Peak Base Camp?

How High Is Mera Peak Base Camp?

Mera Peak is a small mountain that lies in the Barun sub-section of the Mahalangur range of the Himalayas. It lies in Sankhuwasabha of Sagarmatha zone and is a popular trekking peak in Nepal. The peak is comparatively tinier compared to all the massive eight-thousanders around the country. It lies at 6476 m, a comparatively lower height than the peaks surrounding it.

To answer “How high is Mera Peak Base Camp?” literally, it lies at 5300 meters above sea level. The peak is considered a trekking peak. Meaning it does not require special mountaineering skills to summit. Mera Peak stands as the highest trekking peak in Nepal. The peak is popular among trekkers for long-duration treks as well as mountain climbing for novices.

If you are planning on climbing the peak or hiking to the base camp of the peak, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have brought you a comprehensive article on things you might want to know if the question of ”How high is Mera Peak Base Camp?” is bugging you.

Altitude sickness while traveling to the Mera Peak Base Camp

Altitude sickness while traveling to the Mera Peak Base Camp

If you’re wondering How high is Mera Peak Base Camp? you must also be worried about altitude sickness. Traveling to high altitudes definitely brings risks of such health ailments.

This applies to the Mera Peak Base Camp as well.

The Mera Peak base camp lies at a height of 5300 m. Issues of altitude sickness can start as you exceed 3000 m. So the likelihood of people who go to the Mera Peak Base Camp getting sick is high. However, altitude sickness is not something that you should panic over. Traveling at a fixed pace with separate days for acclimatization and rest is the key. If you plan your trek with keeping the aforementioned things in mind, you will be good.

You can also carry diamox tablets to prevent nausea and drink plenty of water to minimize the risks of altitude sickness. We also recommend you decrease your caffeine or nicotine consumption during your trip. Alcohol is highly discouraged if you wish to finish the trek in good health.

Helicopter rescues will also be available in case you become severely sick. Since the Mera peak base camp isn’t very high, there aren’t restrictions on helicopter rescues. You can also check out booking helicopters for your trekking prep, just in case.

How much should you travel to reach the height of Mera Peak Base Camp?

How much should you travel to reach the height of Mera Peak Base Camp

Mera peak climb is a journey that takes a little more than a fortnight. You need to walk for many days to visit this region. The journey takes you through the alpine forests of the Nepali Himalayas. You will walk through various steep trails, riverside pathways, forests, etc. It takes you around 18 to 22 days, based on your route and itinerary, to finish the Mera Peak climb.

There are two major travel routes from where you can reach the Mera Peak Base Camp. Both routes begin with landing at Lukla.

One of the routes follows the traditional Everest Base Camp trek route. You will land at Lukla and then trek towards Namche Bazaar. Then the route will separate from the regular EBC track as you move forward. You will head uphill to Mera Base Camp from Namche. This route allows you to enter the Sagarmatha National Park region.

The other route takes you through the trails of the Hinku Valley. It is a more popular route to reach the Mera Peak base Camp. Towns like Pangu Gaun, Nashim Dingma, and Kothe are among the destinations during the hike. The trails of the isolated Hinku Valley carry you to Khare via Thangnak and then to the Mera Base Camp.

Can I travel as high as Mera Peak Base Camp alone?

Can I travel as high as Mera Peak Base Camp alone

If you are a novice trekker or climber, you cannot travel as high as Mera Peak Base Camp alone. We highly suggest you take guides and a friend group to accompany you during the trip.

Climbing the Mera Peak is a comparatively easier task than other mountaineering expeditions. However, it is quite risky to venture to the summit of the mountain alone, especially for novices. Moreover, the government of Nepal does not allow it. You cannot climb the Mera Peak without a licensed guide.

So, no, you will not get trekking permits without a licensed guide if you want to get to Mera Peak Base Camp alone. This is a rule implemented by the government for your own safety. Guides help you navigate your trip, manage logistics, and bridge language barriers.

We also suggest you take porters with you to make your journey more smooth. Carrying heavy luggage aids in bringing more difficulty to an already exhausting long journey. Porters have experienced travelers with great strength. They will easily help you with your luggage. You can expect a porter to carry around 25 kg worth of load for you for a day.

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Is traveling as high as Mera Peak Base Camp very difficult?

Is traveling as high as Mera Peak Base Camp very difficult

Traveling up to the Mera Peak Base Camp will be an exhausting task. But it will not be difficult in a life-threatening way. People consider the Mera Peak Base Camp trek moderately challenging. It has similarities to the Everest Base Camp trek as the trek to Mera Base Camp has similar trails.

Traveling higher than the Base Camp to the summit is also comparatively easier. Climbing a mountain is never a simple task. But since Mera Peak is a trekking peak, climbing it requires efforts similar to trekking journeys. The mountain has some complex glaciers and technical parts. Except for such parts, it is a relatively smooth climb. The summit is regarded by climbers as having an Alpine Grade of PD.

The difficulty gets more subsidized when you get the help of guides and porters. Their company is very helpful in giving you tips and tricks for sustenance during your treks and climbs. They will also teach you new techniques and tools to make your journey easier.

Traveling to remote places in a foreign country also requires you to make many arrangements. If you trek to base camp or do the peak climb through trekking agencies, it’d be better. They make such arrangements for you, lessening the difficulties.

So if you do proper planning, traveling as high as Mera Peak Base Camp will be a piece of cake.

If you wish to travel to the Mera Peak Base Camp or climb the peak and need to subsidize your difficulties, you can turn to us. We at Nepal Climbing Info have various packages curated just to make journeys to Mera Peak easier. Just book your trip and get ready.

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