To book a program please use our online booking form, Email or, alternatively, you can call us on the given Numbers:
+977-9851069596 , 24/7 Service, Mobile

Phone:+977-1-4701298 ( 10 AM to 5 PM Sunday to Friday)
G:po. Box: 8607
E-mail: ,
The programs name and duration.
The number of Person for the Tour.
Names and nationality.
Date you wish to travel or flight arrival date and time.

For confirmation of tour you have to wire a deposit and intial deposit.

Paying the deposit
The deposit has to be paid by wire transfer or card.
Instruction for payment will be forwarded together with your quotation.
When your transfer is done, please e-mail us a confirmation mail with your wire transfer details, so that we can follow up your reservation efficiently.

When to book
It is wise to make your booking at least one months in advance. However, if you want a good deal on your international flight, we recommend organizing your trip at least two months in advance. (Please contact us if you require a late booking)

In the event of cancellation of tour / travel,trekking services due to any avoidable / unavoidable reason/s we must be notified of the same in writing. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, and cancellation charges would be as follows: –

  • 45 days prior to arrival :10% of the Tour / service cost
  • 15 days prior to arrival :20% of the Tour / service cost
  • 07 days prior to arrival :25% of the Tour / service cost
  • 48 hours prior to arrival :50% of the Tour / service cost

Less than 24 hours or No Show : No Refund

Liabilities and responsibilities :
Meeting another culture requires tolerance and the ability to adapt. It is in the nature of all the programs that arrangements and participants have to be flexible. The day to day agenda and ultimate goal of a trip are taken as aims and not as contractual obligations. The agency will always try its very best to solve any problem you face during your trip, but cannot be held responsible for delays or alterations in the programs or for expenses incurred, owing to domestic flights delays or cancellation, strikes, local regulations, sickness, bad weather, war, major force, political closures and disputes…

Travel insurance :
A travel insurance policy is vital if you go trekking. While most general travel insurances cover you against sickness while on a trek, not all cover you for emergency evacuation, which could run into many thousands of dollars if a helicopter were required.
Trekking or In tour do not offer travel insurance policies, however we strongly recommend that you apply for one covering mountain rescue and emergency evacuation.

Flights :
we do not offer international flights from your country to Nepal
However, we arrange any domestic flights as they are included in the price of your journey. We will require all information or documents needed to reserve your flight upon receipt of your booking.

Group composition :
Trip in nepal promotes independence and flexibility, and will not ask you to join a pre-arranged group. Any adventure you choose will be tailored to your own individual needs, and you will travel either with your companions or alone.